$250 deposit for Custom Collection Style CC131

How it works- To secure a design, place the design in your cart and check out to pay for the deposit. Once the deposit has been paid, I will confirm your order and get details on size and any customizations(fabric or crystal color change, skirt of change or airbrush options). I will also ask for the budget on the dress. Each dress design shows a price range that style can be made within. Dresses can be made in my stock standard sizing or custom sizing. Please note custom sizing will use up more of the budget to draft custom size patterns, which will leave less of a beading budget. Once all details are confirmed we wait until your dress come up on my schedule. When I am ready to start the beading I will send a link to pay the balance on the dress. Once the balance is paid I will start the beading and and ship her out! yay!!!

Please email me at if you have any questions before paying for the deposit.


The only customization on these designs are change of fabric color, crystal color, change of skirt or added airbrush. I will not change the actual design features of the bodice. If you are looking for design changes to the bodice please contact me about designing you a special custom design. There is the option of sleeveless or sleeves for some designs, which will be listed.

Once the deposit has been paid for it is not returnable if you decide to cancel the order. The dress is not returnable once made.

If you would like to check the fit of the dress before any beading has been added please let me know so I can allow extra time to send a try on dress.

Please note this is a custom design made only for you for up to 2 years. Brad Griffies Designs has the right to recreate the dress design two years after purchase for another customer or add it to his line of dresses.

 Please consult the announcement bar at the top of the website for shipping wait times. Wait time can add about 3-4 weeks if you would like to try the dress on to check the fit before the beading is added.