I have multiple options for customizing your dress! Please email me any questions you may have at bg@bradgriffies.com.

Color & Fabrics

Available colors and fabrics can be found here. Please note any of the colors shown can be used together if requested. For example I can do a sapphire mesh over turquoise, a black lace over red lycra or on my belted styles I can do a skirt/belt in a contrasting color to the bodice color. There is a $25 fee for any special order fabric that is not in stock.

I can also change nude mesh into a color mesh or vice versa. For example if there is a long sleeve style with color mesh sleeves I can change them to nude mesh.

Please note not all fabrics can be used on some styles(some laces or velvets on sleeves and other possible options). Please email me if you are unsure of an option you are interested in to make sure it can be done before placing an order.

If there is a color or fabric I do not show please feel free to email me to see if I can get it for you. Please note if I have to special order a color or fabric there is a $25 charge.

Nude Mesh

I have a couple of options for the nude mesh. Please feel free to email me a photo of the person who will wear the dress and I can suggest which option will work best. I do not offer custom dying the nude mesh for these dresses. I can also send swatches for you to check if you email me your name and address to bg@bradgriffies.com. If you do not like one of the options I have for nude mesh I would suggest choosing a style that has color mesh.


Skirts can be switched out on any style. Available options for Freestyle or Dance. Dance skirts are an extra $25 charge and there is no extra charge for freestyle. I can cut a freestyle skirt up to 2" longer without an extra charge.

Leotard or Unitard

Most styles can be made into a leotard or a unitard. Adding pants to make a unitard is an extra $30.

*Any style can be made into a unitard, but a couple of styles are not available for leotards. Please email me to confirm I can make a style into a leotard before ordering.


Any style with sleeves can be made to a cap, half or 3/4 length. A flutter edge, wedding point with finger loop or cuff can be added to any long sleeve style(depending on dress style it can be an extra $5 charge for these additions).

Any dress with sleeves can have the color mesh switched to nude.

Please email me if you are interested in adding sleeves to a sleeveless style. Not all sleeveless styles can be made with sleeves, but I can possibly come up with an option that might work based off the style.

I do not offer adding zippers to the back of the styles with sleeves, however I can make a keyhole smaller if needed.



Sizing will be my stock standard sizing as shown on the size chart. I can do small adjustments before cutting the dress like shorten or lengthen the body. No custom sizes will be made from measurements.  Once the dress has been made any alterations will need to be made by the customer. If you are unsure of your size I suggest to order one of my stock dresses to check the fit. Those dresses can be returned within 14 days of delivery as long as the dress still has the tags attached for a full refund.

Other Customizations

If there is a customization you don't see here feel free to email me about it and I can see if it is an option I can do.