I will resume custom orders on March 30th at 12pm(noon) EST for my next block of spots that will have ship dates of June 30th 2024.  

Future Release Dates for 2024

    • March 30th for ship date of June 30th, 2024
    • June 30th for ship date of October 1st , 2024
    • September 29th for ship date of December 5th , 2024

    *Dates subject to change 


    please read CAREFULLY and include ALL the information! I can not hold spots for people who do not include all the information needed.

    Please send the below information to bg@bradgriffies.com on the release date at 12pm(Noon)Eastern Standard Time. I will fill spots first come first served. To make the process as fair as possible please do not send the information before 12pm EST.  

    • Name of contact (who I will be corresponding with, not the person wearing the costume)
    • Address
    • Phone Number
    • Email
    • Music
    • Any ideas you would like me to keep in mind on the design(colors, airbrush, beading ideas, design features)
    • Photo of the person wearing the costume(full body). Please include a current photo so I can see the build and shape of their body.
    • Budget(Starting price $1500)

    Once I receive the above information I will email you to confirm I can get you a spot on my schedule.  Once I have confirmed, I will send you a link to pay a $250 deposit for each costume.  Once the deposit is paid I will start the design and send it over for you to confirm or make adjustments if needed.

    Please note I require the balance paid on all custom work before I start any beading. 

    Please feel free to email me any questions so you will be ready with all the information needed to place an order on the release date.