I can create a one of a kind design to match the feel and dynamic of your music!
Custom work starts at $1000 fully beaded, and goes up in price depending on design and crystals used.
Due to the limited spots available I may not be able to take on every request.  If you are interested please send the follow information to bg@bradgriffies.com
  • Name of Contact
  • Shipping Address
  • Phone Number
  1. Due Date
  2. Budget
  3. Music
  4. Photo of the person who will be wearing the costume.
  5. Any ideas you would like me to include in the design like colors or design features like sleeves, no sleeves, style of skirt, cut of the bust line.(if you want to leave the design fully up to me don't feel pressure to come up with any ideas.  I just like to know if there are any requests)

Once I get the information above and I am able to take on the project I will respond back with a ship date.  Once the final ship date is confirmed by the customer, I will take a $250 deposit($100 to hold a spot on my schedule and $150 design fee). The deposit is not refundable once a design has been drawn, otherwise the deposit will be credited towards the final cost of the costume.

Thank you for your interest in my work and I look forward to working with you!